123 definition by tOmmy

another word for dick, penis, or a male's sex organ.
Can be used for noun, verb, and almost any other form.
What a der. (What a dick)
Your der hurts (Your dick hurts)
by tommy October 16, 2004

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The mating call of the Western Lowland Lordy
"I really like the cut of your jib young man, what school did you go to?"

by tommy July 15, 2003

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A word derived in North Wheaton meaning someones house,or place.
Yo, imma go chill at chris' poose
by Tommy April 12, 2005

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blonde girl in cosmo hott nice ass she nos dam rite bitch
she hott and she has a nice bumm bumm i want to touchj it
by Tommy February 07, 2005

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bof is used to describe a females vagina if it has a funky stink to it. stands for body odor fanny or b.o fanny.
dude that chick has the worst bof ive ever smelt
by tommy April 19, 2005

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your people brought together.a gang
squaded out playa
by Tommy July 14, 2003

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a white south rapper that would shit al over Eminem anyday, in tha hands.anbd his rhymes r better.
lil wyte is a beast ass rappe
by Tommy April 17, 2005

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