123 definition by tOmmy

the master of shrimpin
Robbie is the shrimp boat captain of our class. He loves to shrimp
by tommy May 18, 2004

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What anime cartoon characters look like when they are looking stupid while standing in the back of the setting.
The 3 warriors were looking chibi when 2 girls got in a catfight.
by Tommy October 15, 2003

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Affectionate term used as a greeting when speaking to someone of the same race or culture.
Romeo: Wha' up Kins?
Mercutio: Nuttin much.
by Tommy March 04, 2005

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(n): A musical genre combining rap and heavy metal. Usually performed by corny white guys, but not always.
"Eh, I don't really like Limp Bizkit, I'm not really into Ghetto Metal."
by Tommy March 25, 2003

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One of the most 1337 and experienced halo players around. It is a honor even to be in the presence of him. Far much better then poser Sporkmasta!
The OLSENATER pwned many n00bs in Team Slayer today.
by Tommy February 27, 2005

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a white person (wigger) who acts black
tommys outfit is gangsta ghetto he is mad toasty
by tommy May 18, 2004

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(1) fly ass girl, you would like to know
(2) a mating call used in parts of America
(1) Damn!! That girl is a skee fa sho
(2) (as a hot girl walks by) one is to say "skee skeeeeee"
by tommy April 04, 2004

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