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Babu is a middle easern term, roughly translated "the precious one." Conventionally, it is used to describe things that have exceeding understood qualities, and can be used as an adjective, noun, or verb.
This weed is Babu, for sheezy!
Check out this nice car, its a real Babu.
I've been savin up 3 grand so i can Babu my crib!
by t-money January 18, 2005

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A 1 dollar bill with Mr.T on the the front and the A-Team van on the back. Always drink your milk ya fuckers!
T-Money is cool
by T-Money May 01, 2003

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To expel three double cheezys and one supersize freezy the following day after excessive drinking and an unnecessary trip to McDonalds. Similar to the normal huge smelly shit, except on a much greater scale.
"Yo dog, hurry up i gots ta shower"
"Chill playa, im excercising the McDemons"

"want to see a dead body?"
"dog that aint a dead body, my McDemon wouldnt flush"
by T-Money April 02, 2004

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This term comes from the dirty south. Most common in Atlanta, plump monkeys are fat women, usually in their 20s, that feel like when intoxicated that are no longer fat, but supermodels, and feel they are good enough to talk to good looking men. They usually hang around the bar and squeeze their fat breasts together in hopes that someone will buy them a drink, when what they really need is a Diet Coke or a swify kick in the crotch.
"Hey dogg, is that missy elliot over there?"
"nah man, its just some plump monkey that looks like her"
by T-Money March 30, 2004

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a fat cat with fat shit named meatball
take fat shit cat off of my crotch
by T-Money May 01, 2003

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something you say when you see an ugly bitch
what the fuggly. look at that bitch
by T-MONEY May 01, 2003

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thighs tha are the size of dinner hams that jiggle while you run
damn that girl has thunder thighs..yeah that ones so big i could live of it for a week
by T-MONEY May 01, 2003

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