Used in slang especially in Britain, in place of "No Way" or "Bullshit"
The way it works is that it negates the following sentence, much in the way the above examples would. used in street slang and grime music
Geoffrey: Hey mike i heard you fucked tony?
Mike: about i ragged tony, i'm not gay blud

by BrassManBlaze March 12, 2009
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Usually used in a Derogatory nature what ever word follows now means the opposite of what it meant before. Can also be pronounced “bout
Your “about smart” = You’re an idiot
Yeah that was “about smart” = that was a stupid thing to do.
He's "bout ugly" = he's good looking
by Tattooed Frog May 23, 2006
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All around; on every side
The construction not about to is often used to express determination: We are not about to negotiate with terrorists. A majority of the Usage Panel considers this usage acceptable in speech but not in formal writing. ·About is traditionally used to refer to the relation between a narrative and its subject: a book about Cézanne; a movie about the Boston Massacre. This use has lately been extended to refer to the relation between various nonlinguistic entities and the things they make manifest, as in The party was mostly about showing off their new offices or His designs are about the use of rough-textured materials. This practice probably originates with the expression That's what it's all about, but it remains controversial. Fifty-nine percent of the Usage Panel rejected this use in the example A designer teapot isn't about making tea; it is about letting people know that you have a hundred dollars to spend on a teapot.
" walked all about your mother's house before entering."
by blii February 21, 2003
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..then you will see..
..that all of the things
you thought about me

were completely wrong
and shockingly true
by Krkič May 29, 2019
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almost, but not equal to
'I will order the pizza about 12 o clock'

meaning the pizza will be ordered somewhere between 11:55 and 11:59
by T-Money February 27, 2008
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What is that all ABOUT?

(It is in the pronuciation!!)
by Garrett Stephenson March 30, 2005
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An ethnocentric phrase of African American origin meaning:

1.) Taking a specific endeavor seriously and putting forth an honest and prudent effort.

2.) A call for a common mindset and elevated standard of professionalism, honor and dedication to a cause or action.

3.) Exhibiting extreme courage and bravery in times of stress or overwhelming odds.

1.) Our mid-terms are coming up soon, so you better be about it and study hard to pass.

2.) As a member of the National Association of Black Journalist, we are expected to be about it.

3.) Eventhough there have been threats of violence against our peace rally, be about it when we march.
by Q. Gip September 28, 2007
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