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She was pissed off because some oaf called her a floozie.
by Light Joker December 11, 2004
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What your Grandma calls a hoochie.
"That Paris Hilton just looks like a floozie to me," Grandma said, though of course we couldn't understand her without her teeth.
by mbmargarita August 15, 2006
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Noun: Flu-z
1.) A term to describe a sexually promiscuous female
2.) Used to describe generally a female who is behaving in a ridiculous manner or acts in immature way
Brittany; Im a dinasaur, hear me roar. Roar!.

Jen: Brittany stop acting like a floozie, your 17 and in the middle of the mall and everyone is looking
by T0pher8 February 03, 2010
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a women that can be bought and wont mind it
Lets get ourselves a floozie tonight, yo
by T-Money October 01, 2003
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A woman who was sexually abused as a child. This woman considers herself a piece of meat, hence the name - meat market.
Normally people think of Floozies, as: a gaudily dressed, usually immoral woman, especially a prostitute.

I am an RN, that used to work at Emanuel Hospital, In Portland, OR. I worked in the pediatric department seeing abused children. Most of the females were sexually abused and we couldn't get them away from their abusers. The abusers were either, fathers, uncles, older brothers or a friend of the family.

These women need self-esteem, education, taught how to act around a good man, in order to find a good man. They need our help from what they have been through.

I want the word capitalized, to refer to this kind of woman.


1905โ€“10; origin uncertain
prostitute, harlot, call girl, streetwalker, courtesan, trollop, strumpet, Floozie
by Katy M. Coulter May 25, 2013
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