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a black person who complains too much
the damn nagger wouldn't shut up so i just told him to get back to the cotton field
by stan February 16, 2005

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a glass of juice who thinks it is ok to just bust into people's homes while they are minding their own business
the bitch just busted through my wall and yelled oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by stan February 16, 2005

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rich white christian americans who only give a fuck about rich white christian americans. also see fascist and governator.
screw health care, i've gotta go play golf.
by stan February 13, 2005

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A young girl that acts trashy in public to get attention but, in reality is a virgin. As soon as she is alone with a guy its hands off.

Prick teaser.
Don't bother with Susie, she's a virgin slut.
by Stan March 15, 2004

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one of the most terrifying stds that you can get from a hoe, slut, prostitute, or christina aguilera
i'm gonorrhea, and thats a fact. if you can't say it, then call me clap. i burn up lovers, like bacon fat.
by stan March 08, 2005

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Cockney ryhming slang for a yank (american). The whole phrase is 'Septic Tank' - but as with most cockney ryhming slang the first word is used only. The reason for the link is that, like a septic tank nobody likes a filthy stinking american!!!
What are you fucking shooting at me for you filthy fucking septic cunt, im on your side!!!!
by Stan February 18, 2004

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awesome basketball player that is black as night
i closed my eyes and saw kevin garnett
by stan December 14, 2004

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