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A silly little place up the railroad tracks where two men can "shack up" for the night and fall madly in love beneath the stars, undisturbed to let the hands
wander and please each other...
Gary:Hey Curtis you know a place where we can be alone and play silly little reindeer games and watch the stars?

Curtis: Golly gee, a friend told me about this
" brokeback love shack " near here, there we can do what
we want and no one will ever know !
by squirtdonkeys December 16, 2006
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A Leather clad sodomist with the intellegence
of a cucumber, and the stupidist luck you've
ever seen, not your average gimp by any means.
Your gimp is pimp tonight chris, but my Forrest gimp
got lost on the way to the bathroom. That idiot..
I think I'll get a new one.
by squirtdonkeys January 20, 2007
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The place where all brokeback fellas, take their partners
for tube steak
Jimmi and I are going to the Brokeback Steakhouse
wanna cum ?....
by squirtdonkeys December 16, 2006
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A meniachal little creature that crawls out of the womb at night while the unsuspecting mother lays in a deep slumber,Then strikes out on its own to inflict severe punishment on those who study stem cell research,After which it swings on the umbilical cord like spiderman all the way back to the sleeping mothers womb,All before daybreak.
Man last night Todd and I were screwing around with stem cells (for no apparent reason) and out of nowhere came the fetus of doom,Then it suddenly took Todds head clean the fuck off and scurried down his neck and out of his anus,all the while chanting a disturbing little tune that sounded alot like this...(Da Da Da Da fetus of doom Da Da Da Da fetus of doom)
by squirtdonkeys January 14, 2007
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Stashing the weasel is when your wife or girlfriend has over a period of time milked your weasel for all it's worth and left you for dead writhing on the floor without even a single drop of semen left in you. So after that you vow to never let that sex crazed maniac assault you again,therefore you tape the weasel up and under to your butt cheeks as to not stimulate her with the throbbing bulge your packing.
Chris started the payback by Stashing the weasel after
the weekly abuse he had been subjected to by the sex fiend that was sometimes refered to as his wife!
by squirtdonkeys February 03, 2007
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To leave em' then retrive em' is when you have left your dirty prostitute to make your pimp ass some money (ching ching) and you return only to find the slut is gone, so you strike out on your own with malice and vengence in your heart to "RETRIVE" her!
Bro,last night I had to strike out and find that fucking cunt shaniqua after I left her to do something strange for some change with that filthy trick "john", next thing I knew I was standing over two dead bodies. Why is always so damn hard to leave em' then retrive em'???
by squirtdonkeys April 01, 2007
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A female who appears to have sucked so much semen over the years that she has become pale and skinny almost albino like and has traveled the world extensivley seeking out other victims,like a vampire she waits in the darkness of the sea A.K.A the world for to suck every man dry!!!
(CHRIS): Shit Todd you don't look so good.

(TODD): Yeah man I know I met this slut last night and I took her $2 ass home and she completly sucked the life force out of me. I think she was a semen suckin sea serpent of the seven seas!!!!
by squirtdonkeys June 23, 2007
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