Any group team-building activity used by middle-managers in corporate America to pacify and relieve tension among their underlings. Reindeer games typically involve taking a beloved childhood game and butchering it by making the activity company specific. Ironically, reindeer games rarely have the desired effect, as the employees are most often annoyed or, in some cases enraged, by their forced participation.
Bill: So Phil, did you finish that project yet?

Phil: No, I had to go down to corporate HQ yesterday for some fucking reindeer games. God, my boss is a stupid cunt.
by meriamwebster June 27, 2009
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another name for the head games that a man or a woman plays with one another in a relationship.
I wish Jim would grow up and stop playing reindeer games with the women he dates.
by Molly October 15, 2004
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passive agressive communications directed from one employee to another at work, intended to embarass or pass blame in front of management; scapegoating; see throw under the bus
She cc'd all the managers in that e-mail about that customer complaint. I know these reindeer games.
by draco677 June 27, 2017
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Code name for sex, used when you can't say sex.
Playing reindeer games.
by EROCK August 27, 2004
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telling someone you're going to do something, knowing you have no intentions of doing that thing
Amanda: Stop running away from me and locking me out of your room, i'm sick and tired of you playing these reindeer games

Andy: That made no sense because that is not the def. of reindeer games.... look it up

Urban Dictionary: there is not one def. like that......

(i'll add it to make amanda feel better)
by usarugby1213 November 5, 2010
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"Touchy feely" hand games played in bed with a woman when one is attempting to fornicate with her. Generally speaking, reindeer games are played when one is trying to get his or her (less commonly) partner in the mood.
"She passed out in my bed and I started playing reindeer games on her back. Pretty soon she was DTF."
by H*terNtheHeezy December 5, 2008
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