13 definitions by somebodythatyoudontknow

Another term for a drug dealer who sells crystal meth
"Hey let's give that guy on the corner some money."
"Nah, he's probably an advocate for the Billy Crystal foundation"
by somebodythatyoudontknow May 29, 2018
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The whole world after things went from bad to total shitstorm during the Coronavirus Plague of the 21st Century.
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"Dude, I left a huge Joe Biden in my ex's toilet last night...I didn't even flush!"
by somebodythatyoudontknow July 3, 2021
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Man, this colds been kicking my ass. Been taking shots of Houston Kool Aid all day today.
by somebodythatyoudontknow October 16, 2018
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The closest place where folks in Conway and Russellville, Arkansas can buy beer
"Where can one buy beer here in Conway?"
"Oh you gotta go to Conway County bruh..."
"But we're already in Conway County..."
"Nah homie this is Faulkner County."
by somebodythatyoudontknow November 29, 2021
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When you go to the movies and order too much popcorn and when ya get home your stomach starts to queeze and when ya shit, it'll go pop pop pop pop outta your ass
"Ay get the small popcorn this time"
"I ate a large popcorn during the last movie and I took residency on my toilet with the popcorn shits"
by somebodythatyoudontknow July 9, 2022
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