from syed

gunshot gunshot- blaps u on da head
mob deep! pop pop pop
by MrW January 31, 2005
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a phrase used by british comedian and rapper, 'road man shaq' AKA 'big shaq'. a phrase used in his latest song 'man's not hot', and soon became a viral meme.
'the ting go skraa, pop pop pop pop pop, SKIDDY POP POP POP'
by jackson mississippi ;) November 20, 2017
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pop pop pop pop
pop pop pop pop
by mmm mmm July 4, 2019
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1 Verb- to have sexual relations

2 Adjective- very attractive, possibly boner inducing

3 Noun- a breathtaking ass, or boobs

4 a proposition for sex
can be shortened to WPPP
1 Man last night me and Roxi WA-POP-POP-POPed for hours

2 Dude, she is so damn WA-POP-POP-POP

3 Shes got both WA-POP-POP-POPs

by James Bondage July 29, 2008
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