Mr. Jenkins captures little boys and gives them the world. He pounds his dick on their asses and jizzems all over them. Mickey Mouse rides his ass like a fucking pony then he shoves chocolate chips up his ass then Mr Jenkins moans loudly
Ethan got raped by The Corks, Mr. Jenkins and Glitter Boy Sparkels
by The Jenks March 13, 2018
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A teddy bear that wears airplane pajamas and protects little boys from the worlds evils at night!
Mr. Jenkins, I Love you!! Your my best friend!
by November 30, 2018
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The fucking worst teacher ever. She is a white old lady that drinks pink lemonade all day. She dory I any of her students name and says everything wrong. She annoys everyone and assigns a lot of unnecessary, time consuming homework that has a due date that changes.
Mrs. Jenkins needs to be fires. Periottt
by Hejdjfjr riock April 25, 2019
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