159 definition by simon

1. Masturbation

2. Listening to Music.
1. HF loves to Pull On.

2. I am pulling on to Britney Spears
by Simon June 22, 2003

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Attractive female. This word is usually yelled out aloud at the passing example.
by Simon April 23, 2003

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Refering to a large chest on a woman, when they do not meet the kaboobler requirements they are merely (kabooblets)
Guy #1 : Man, check out her kabooblers
Guy #2 : Yeah they are huge kabooblers
Guy #3 : Nah, they are just average kabooblets
by simon May 11, 2004

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One who listens to brutal extreme grind music very loud.
Simon is so heavily into the metal scene that he is a Grindfucker.
by simon February 07, 2004

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regarding a woman of low sexual prefrences,yo yo goes up and down and so does their knickers
that girl she aint nothing but a yoyo
by simon March 22, 2003

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To be an inbred Immigrant of an African origin that worships people who wear Cowboy Boots.
Joe Smith is such a Poppadum
by Simon April 02, 2005

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A.K.A Richard. A little boy who's voice has not broken who has a very sick mind
Gadface, richard, get a life u sick little boy
by Simon February 13, 2005

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