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To be high on methamphetamine. NOT hallucinates
He's so tweaked out.
by kush_ March 16, 2005
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An idea that just appeared. When your mind brings a solution to something into your thoughts.
In a conversation with someone you are trying to pick out a solution to a maths sequence and suddenly your brain recoginses the tweaked to the idea being used.
by Mr Berry, Moon March 14, 2012
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1. Become influenced by drugs or Foreign a bad way

2. IT. To say you fixed something on a PC or Server when you really broke it, and really broke it goood.
1. maaaan... I'm so tweaked out, I vomited all over myself while driving on the Motrway

2. IT. Tim Black the ginga...grrr
by Bob is u're auntie August 23, 2008
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