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Another name for the state of Colorado, comes from its shape and awesome snowboarding, ya, ya, ya dig?

Warning: Not to be confused with the Queer-ass Quadrilateral, Wyoming, which is Colorodo's gay and less popular twin.
Ben: Hey Kyle how was your spring break snowboarding in The Rad Rectangle?

Kyle: It was rad.

Ben: I dig.
by shiftyclaybob March 14, 2010
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Getting a blowjob from a member of the Blue Man Group.
Johnny Hopkins: Damn some crazy shit is happening at this party right now. Hey what's going on with Dave right now?

Sloan Kettering: Dude that guy is totally snurfing him right now!!!!!!!
by shiftyclaybob January 19, 2010
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Eating a delicious steak, and then immediately receiving a handjob of equal magnitude.
A random advertisement: "Feeling hungry AND horny? Come on into our top-rated restaurant today to receive the best steak and shake of your life! No meatgrinders here, on both counts!"
by shiftyclaybob September 27, 2011
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A hybrid word made up of tank and tyrannasaurus rex, used to describe something with capabilities of both in the areas of strength and speed.
Ben: Whoa Clay just rolled that Viper over like 50 times! Your Ford GT is a Tankasaurus Rex!

Clay: Oh ya?
by shiftyclaybob September 16, 2009
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A name for a man's penis, derived from a mispronounciation of a name Skater4life.
Oh man this party tonight better be awesome. I can't wait for some chick to show some interest in my skeetrod.
by shiftyclaybob November 16, 2009
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That time of year when there are graduation parties every weekend usually starting from the last week of May or first week of June to about the second-to-last weekend of July. The graduation party standard wherever you go is usually fried chicken and mostaccioli, therefore a lot of mostaccioli will be consumed.
Chuck: Hey man, it's about to be mostaccioli season. You ready to load up some Dixie plates?

Nick: Chuck we graduated 12 years ago, who do you know that is still in high school?

Chuck: I don't care! I'm getting my 'choli on whether you like it or not!
by shiftyclaybob June 12, 2010
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a triple-hybrid word made up of the words ripping, ridiculous, and tubular, used to describe something with all three characteristics.
Ben: Hey Clay i just did some really extreme parkour around campus today! I even did a dumpster to refrigerator box 360 spin onto wooden crate then backflip gator into a garbage can!

Clay: Rippindicular!

Ben: Thanks much
by shiftyclaybob October 2, 2009
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