A beautiful, nice, caring person. One who tends to hide his/her feelings, but is always trying to help others with theirs. Sloans tend to be tall and dark complected. In love, they make fantastic partners who will stand by you forever. Amazing kissers. Loyal friends, and usually witty and sarastic.
"Ah man, I love Sloan. She's the best girlfriend ever."
"Yeah, I wish I had a girl like her..."
by MeepBossKid December 4, 2011
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sloan is normally a person who hides their feelings. if she feels like she’s losing a person she will leave them because she fears rejection. when she falls in love with someone or something that is all she thinks about. she has a hard time letting go and when she does, you’ve lost her forever. when you have a sloan, she will always be there for you no matter what. sloan’s also tend to be very hard to let go of. sloan’s are usually very good at hiding their problems, but when they show their problems, they trust you with everything. sloan’s normally don’t have the easiest life and they will go thru some very hard stuff. they have a very big heart that gets broken a lot but they are very very strong people. if you have a sloan in your life, never let them go
“is that a sloan?”
“yeah she’s the best person you’ll ever meet!”
by pleasehelpmelive April 17, 2019
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The prettiest girl ever.

Usually Loves David Bowie
Tommy: did you see that hot girl yesterday?

Jack:Oh ya, Sloan
by Cooooolllllooloooooo October 30, 2018
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funny, popular, kind girly girl. Sloans love having fun. They love hanging out with friends and party all night long. You should be friends with Sloans because they are loyal, entertaining, and most sloans are really cute!!!
You should be friends with her because she is a Sloan!!
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Hottest frickin chick ever!!! Very funny, much laugh, and won't hesitate to drop you if you're acting like a BITCH!!! Is loyal though, don't forget that. Is very smart for no reason and is really cool for no reason and all your friends will like her better because she's just that cool and she is just cooler than everybody so you have no option but to look up to her.
Guy 1: "Wow Sloan is so smokin' I wonder if I could pick her up ;)"
Guy 2: "No way man, I heard she was hecka gay"
Girl 1: "That's right, I heard she's pickin' up chicks everywhere she goes!"
by breanna sandwich April 26, 2020
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A name which can be a woman's or a man's name. Sloan's may have their names on urinals and toilets but they are sensitive, caring, and nice to those around them.
"Gotta love him..his name is Sloan,"
by Samantha8783478473 February 7, 2010
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A Wrexham word meaning flamboyant and over the top. Being outwardly camp
I cant believe your calling him a flamer when you are such a sloan
by BershamBackdoor May 21, 2012
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