While doing your woman from behind, call out another chicks name and hang in there for "8 seconds", this is also known as a bull riding term.
I hung in their for 8 seconds after I said the wrong name, she to tried to buck me off!
by Big Bad Booty Daddy March 11, 2003
While doing your woman from behind, lean in close and whisper "I have AIDS" and then grab her ears and hold on for 8 Seconds, this is also known as a bull riding term.
Dude I missed it by like a second!
by Emoworm May 8, 2005
When your doing a chick from behind and you have your buddies stand outside and when you give them a signal the come in and turn on the light and you have to try and hang on for 8 seconds.
Dude i almost got 8 seconds that time.
by Raymond Johnson May 19, 2005
When you are fucking a chick doggy style, put her in a full nelson, tell her she is the ugliest bitch you have ever seen, and then try and hang in there for 8 seconds.
I tried for the 8 seconds, and the bitch got me off.
by Nick May 21, 2004
The act of fucking a woman from behind then grabbing onto her hair and yelling "You're sister is better than you are!" and trying to hold on for 8 seconds.
Jenny was the wildest 8 second ride I ever had.
by Brandon Guymon September 18, 2008
Have a bunch of friends hide in the closet or in the next room. Get a girl, while doing her doggy style take her hair in one big fist and have your friends jump in and start cheering. Try to maintain the grip for 8 seconds.
Mmmmh Eric thats nice... (friends run in the room) Hey Hey there ya go man YYEEAAHHH 8 second rodeo time, hahahaha. You fuckin ass hole Eric! YYEEHHAAA
by Eric Domes October 12, 2006
This timer was developed by the YouTuber "Diddle" as a means to exploit the site LootVGO. If you use the 8 Second Timer on the site, you are guaranteed to make profit every single time.

(This timer was exclusively popularized by Diddle and anyone who copies it is a golfball lookin ass chicken head.
"Use the 8 Second Timer and you can't lose!"
by YouTubeDiddle January 14, 2019