A percussionist band that combines music with visual effects and comedy. They do shows in Vegas, NYC, Chicago, Boston, and Berlin (in 2004.)
The Blue Man Group are my favorite band by far.
by Poiso December 8, 2003
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By far the best show in Las Vegas (except for the nude dancers)
The Blue Man Group kicks ass.
by slim thug May 3, 2005
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1. A performance art group featuring men painted entirely in blue make-up.
2. According to Arrested Development, a support group for depressed men.
1. Hey cool, we should go see the Blue Man Group.

2. Tobias believed that the Blue Man Group had finally called him for an audition, but he was actually asked to speak in front of a group of depressed men.
by xfanatic50 May 4, 2005
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Similar to the "Mile High Club" but in a porta potty instead of a plane.
Me and Becky joined the Blue Man Group at Country Thunder last summer!
by Gz1131 May 21, 2019
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This so-called band, three bald guys painted blue... they play rock-and-roll for people who don't like rock-and-roll.

They are to rock kinda what Liberace was for classical music.
Some say they suck so hard that it amounts to a full-fledged blowjob.
Id rather sit on an anthill than watch the Blue Man Group
by Hugh G Rection October 29, 2009
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a group of sad men that get together in Arrested Development. Not to be mistaken with the act of men covered in blue paint.
Tobias mistakenly went to a Blue Man Group meeting covered in blue paint
by ADfan March 8, 2009
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They suck. Oh, they also do intel commercials. The commercials suck...and the processors, too.
hey, youre in Vegas, right. why not see the blue man group?
cause they suck.
by Scott Irving December 23, 2005
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