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To be surfing the internet while talking on the phone, as definied by Comcast high speed internet.
"She hung up on me after she found out I was snurfing."
by mocha nut August 26, 2007
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The act of sniffing a patron behind the ear without their knowledge or consent. Often acted out as a team where one person, the "Surfer" will perform the act while the other attempts to take photos at the precise moment the victim realizes someone is inappropriately crossing their personal boundary. The act of snurfing is best performed at large social gatherings or bars, where serial snurfing may occur ad nauseum without the group as a whole becoming aware of the act. Photos become great tools for jesting and cyber bullying in modern social networks.
"lets go snurfing," "Check out these great Snurf pics," or "I just punched that creepy guy over there when he snurfed me unexpectedly"
by Picklepc April 07, 2012
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Snow surfing. The precursor to snowboarding. Snurfers were first sold in retail stores in 1965.
Good snow day, let's head to the hill and go snurfing.
by Tiggerjeff February 15, 2010
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Getting a blowjob from a member of the Blue Man Group.
Johnny Hopkins: Damn some crazy shit is happening at this party right now. Hey what's going on with Dave right now?

Sloan Kettering: Dude that guy is totally snurfing him right now!!!!!!!
by shiftyclaybob January 19, 2010
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surfing the Internet while you're supposed to be having a conversation on the phone.
I was on the phone with my girlfriend the other day and she caught me snurfing because she could hear my Yahoo IM sound alerts.
by Agent 74 November 10, 2007
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An abbreviated form of 'surfing the net'.
- "Did you go out for a nice walk today? It's been really sunny out."
- "No. I spent all day snurfing!"
by Jonathan FeBland (Znethru) October 03, 2006
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