A campy 1950s TV show with a perfect family living in suburbia. There's the all knowing father, the happy homemaker mother, the wise older brother, and the goofy and kindhearted younger brother. Often referred to as an example of 1950s quaintness and 'simpler times.' Reruns can be seen on TVLand.
by Ducky August 17, 2005
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dont worry about it; it will be okay; chill the fuck out, son, youre screaming.
no one really says it. but if they did, they would probably be like 'Hey, leave it to beaver. its all gravy, baby.'
by EviLCorey December 24, 2003
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The act of dropping money on the floor at a strip club, and leaving the money there for the "beaver".
While in a strip club:
When a friend says "Dude, I dropped a five dollar bill on the floor", you say " forget about it, leave it to beaver"
by ECG September 29, 2006
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A great feel-good tv show that aired from 1957-1963. Leave it to Beaver provides all the elements of comedy, childhood, and a loving family. Most of the episodes will remind you of your childhood in some way. Some people don't approve of this show because it was before women's liberation but if you watch enough episodes you'll see that the husband helps out his wife with dishes and other household chores. That's just the way everyone was back then, we cannot look down on the Cleavers for it :)
Person1: God, my girlfriend's family are such jerks I wanna watch some Leave it to Beaver so I can hope there's some perfect family out there so I won't be trapped by freaks forever!

Person2: Dude you're stupid that show is way too old and boring.

(starts watching)

Person2: (laughs) Wow that Eddie Haskell is just like me!

(realizes it's a good show)
by psychologynerd May 14, 2012
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A TV Show that defined the word "gay."
Beaver:Gee Wally, are you sure I should put your **** in my ***?
Wally: (Laughs) Leave it to Beaver!
by KillaCleava June 3, 2010
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When you are fucking your girl in the ass but right when you are bout to blow your load......... You slam it in her pussy and say......... I'm just gonna Leave it to Beaver bitch!! And then shoot your load in her beaver!
Dude I gave my bitch the leave it to beaver last night. She is such a good little cum dumpster!!
by ivan yakinof September 3, 2020
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When the previously cute child cast members of a television sitcom begin to go through puberty, thus robbing them of many of the traits that made them appealing in the first place.

The definitive example is when Jerry Mathers on the 1950s sitcom "Leave it to Beaver" went from adorable child to awkward, gangly teenager over the course of several seasons.
On the current (fifth) season of "Modern Family" the actor who plays Luke is going through puberty. His voice is changing and he's gotten to be really odd looking. Meanwhile, the breasts of the actress playing his middle sister have grown at an alarming rate. It's gotten difficult to buy her as a high school student. They used to both be such cute kids. The show is clearly suffering from "Leave it to Beaver Syndrome."
by Robert Sacamano October 17, 2013
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