Nocturnal bird of prey with binocular vision, binaural hearing, sharp talons & feathers adapted for silent flight! They range from almost 6" to over 33 1/2". They can turn their heads up to 270 degrees!
The owl is my spirit animal. I Love owls.
by Starchylde September 24, 2016
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1.- Another term for (computer) hacker
Perhaps it comes from the tendency of both, hackers and owls to take advantage of darkness
2.- In South America, "owl" is said to a person who forebodes bad things (that become true) to other people.
*.-"night owls" was in the 90's one of the biggest cybergroup
**.- Your mom is a true damn owl. She foreboded me a car crash... ahd guess what ?!!!
by etzelet September 8, 2010
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A bird of prey that hunts for small animals at night because of it's nocturnal behavior. Its main calls are Hoot, O RLY, YA RLY, and NO WAI. When spotted the best way to announce it's presence is "LOLS AN OWL".
Owl: "Hoot hoot"


Owl: "O RLY?"

Dude: "YA RLY"

Owl 2: "NO WAI!!"
by Staples September 3, 2006
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The best thing that was ever put on the face of the Earth. Graceful, beautiful, powerful, perfect in every way. The only people who don't love owls are toucans, fish, and strange old men who want to stick baby owls in car mufflers. But that is only because they are jealous of the owls obvious superiority.
old man: "look at that stupid owl!"
fish: "gulpgulp"
Toucan: "SQUAAACK"
by TheAwesomeOWl May 9, 2008
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Any of various often nocturnal birds of prey of the order Strigiformes, having hooked and feathered talons, large heads with short hooked beaks, large eyes set forward, and fluffy plumage that allows for almost noiseless flight.
Person A: An owl goes "Hoot".
Person B: O RLY?
Person A: YA RLY.
by I'm all-in October 13, 2005
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The rare York-Pennsylvanian Party Owl can be found stalking it's prey in it's work area, online, or at casual get-togethers. It can also be found nesting in barns cautiously poking it's head in and out. The typical diet of a York-Pennsylvanian Party Owl is hot girls, pot, and beer.
"Owl keeps pokin' his head in the barn lookin' for pot, and ladies."
by CS, and HA August 20, 2006
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