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1) a statement of just how bored you are.

2)what a man say's when he means "i want sex"
1) I'm bored. fetch me some pot

2) "hey, honey, i'm bored, you wanna stay in tonight?"
by sethkasketch May 17, 2009

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making a grunting noise and doing a strenuous movement, requiring a lot of strength.
often used in climbing, rugby, and pooping.
(Dennis the climbing instructor:THRUTCH! GIVE IT SOME BEEF!
*climber thrutches,reaches out for next handhold, legs start to shake from the strain, and they only just get the handhold*
(Dennis:nice on, good thrutching there!
by sethkasketch June 11, 2008

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someone or something people love to hug- like fat people... hehe, theyre so pillowy soft.
also someone who loves hugs and never turns them down
2:hey look, theres the huggy bear!

(two should go first for once.)
by sethkasketch October 27, 2008

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When the socks come off, foreplay ends
simple as anything
The socks come off - foreplay has ended.
by sethkasketch May 17, 2009

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a roamer of the internet, who is made of 56% Win, 33% Epic, 10% awesome and 1% lolcat
he wins even when he loses and hates many MMO's. everyone loves him just for being sethkasketch.
Zezima: OMG that kid is sethkasketch! i r so honored.

Sethkasketch: get off me noob.
by sethkasketch December 26, 2008

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a game, that is normal
hey, look! Sethkasketch is playing a normal game!
by Sethkasketch August 29, 2008

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Pre-Gig Shit.
Basically, before a performance of some kind - music, drama, dance, martial arts, whatever - You go have a shit. Why? to get rid of excess weight and so you don't shit yourself on stage pretty much.
A PGS is considered a social event and many PGS-ers can go together to engage in humerous banter and to describe the size, shape and consistancy of the shit. You have to be pretty open and easygoing to be a true PGS-er.
"Who's coming for a PGS?"
*most of the cast troop off to the bogs*
"omg i think i split myself!"
"blood! why is there blood?!"
"oooh, thats a sloppy one, tonights gunna be a good show :D"
by sethkasketch October 19, 2009

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