A photo of a cat doing a seemingly-innocuous thing, with large text superimposed. Sort of an offshoot of the orly owl. Also called cat macros
"I made you a cookie but I eated it", "ceiling cat is watching you masturbate", and "I see what you did there" are good examples of lolcats.
by Yet Another Josh Cohen February 9, 2007
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The phenomenon of pasting captions in large text onto pictures of cats. The captions are a specific blend of:

1) txt msg text (shortcuts like "ur" for "your")
2) bad English-Asian translations (like the classic "all your base are belong to us")
3) common typing mistakes (like "!!!!1" and "ZOMG" and "teh")
4) misspellings (like "cheeze")
5) spam shortcuts (like substituting "5" for "S" and "3" for "e")
May I have some food, please?

might translate to, in lolcats:

i can has t3h kibbls plz??
by Monica Byrne May 18, 2007
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Photographs of cats in compromising situations with captions describing the innermonologue of the pictured cat. The text is usually grammatically incorrect and relies on internet slang or "im" speak.
lolcat : A picture of a cat with burgeoning eyes and text reads "Can I haz cheesburgah?"
by totesboss April 23, 2008
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A humorous picture of a feline, accompanied with a witty caption intended to create laughter.
Common lolcat photo: INVISIBLE BICYCLE
by imabeagirly October 25, 2011
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a series of cats photographed in any number of unfortunate or comedic happenings purely for our viewing pleasure with ill-spelt captions called LOLSpeak
by O HAI! October 18, 2008
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An image macro of a member of the feline species, usually superimposed with phrases that make little to no grammatical sense whatsoever; some of the phrases are echoic of Black Slang, 1337 speak, or gamerchatter.
Oh goodness, today is Caturday! I need to start making a my weekendly lolcat from Fluffy's cat park visit!
by suntreader September 9, 2007
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