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The name given to the "pressure" applied to the internal muscles required to push out a turd.
"That curry had me thrutching like fuck the next day."
"I thrutched so hard I nearly popped my grapes."
"A night with big Jake left Wendy with no requirement to thrutch on her next visit to the lavatory."
by Mikey Lit's January 23, 2004
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making a grunting noise and doing a strenuous movement, requiring a lot of strength.
often used in climbing, rugby, and pooping.
(Dennis the climbing instructor:THRUTCH! GIVE IT SOME BEEF!
*climber thrutches,reaches out for next handhold, legs start to shake from the strain, and they only just get the handhold*
(Dennis:nice on, good thrutching there!
by sethkasketch June 11, 2008
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A generally unserious rear collision in a car. Also to sound like crunch or crash. You don't thrutch someone from the side as a rule. Concertina style crash rather than bouncing off
I didn't see the car ahead stop and I thrutched him.
by tartrazine August 10, 2010
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The action of hip movement with or without a sexual partner mimicking the act of intercourse. NOTE - Can be applied to animals.
Dog's at it again, thrutching my leg last night.
by Tboy June 03, 2005
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