A cat that wears a sombrero. She's quite adventurous, and therefore has stories published about her!
"Did you read the last installment of 'Tippy Tales'?"
by knightpun May 23, 2010
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When someone does something that they know will annoy/upset someone. Doing someone that you know someone else won’t like.
Stop being so tippy
by Donkey_Kong634 November 10, 2019
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A typical, usually asian girl. one who loves to dance, sing, takes a lot of pics, half of which contain other people or the "thizz face". "They type like this. Lol. Using the '`' key as much as possible. I don`t know why though." They also have their own handwriting.
Look at that tippy pose.
you write like a tippy!
by NLB May 14, 2006
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A tippy is a form of torture where you flick the tip of somebody's dick to make them fall over crying in pain
"Damn I hate mike I am going to give him a Tippy" *goes over to mike* "hey mike!" *gives mike a tippy* "THATS WHAT YOU GET YOU SICK BASTERD!" *mike on the ground crying his ass off in pain*
by Steby October 23, 2019
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Someone who merges technology with the 60's hippy lifestyle of sustainability.
"My dad just modded his vegatable powered Vee-Dub Bus. Now it has solar paneling to power a fully loaded home-office and it's got a cellular broadband Internet connection! He's a tippy."

by Tech_Nerd April 11, 2009
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Here, Tippy, Tippy, Tippy!
by Magnarider98 February 4, 2010
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"I came from the bottom, now I'm at the tippy..." -Boost Mobile Commercial
by jk rollin September 8, 2008
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