Tappy derives from the Australian word Tapiolas.

Meaning big, tall and uncoordinated.

Tapiolas can also be translated in Armenian language to Tap that ass, or slap my ass.
Your so tappy today.


by Sp HAWKINING March 31, 2010
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this is when a mans penis is always leaking urine or other bodily fluids.
your such a tappy look at that wet patch on your jeans
by hellopele July 08, 2009
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Object> to mame your opponents genitals when they are not looking using a miniature bic lighter
Rules> There are no rules to tappy at this time.
Although the odds are slim, tappy has been sucessfully implemented into a respected form of "Tippy".
by Seth December 02, 2004
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When one smiles while typing.
"Writing emails to my family makes me tappy."
"She's quite tappy over there; I wonder what she's typing?"
by Chattha November 04, 2019
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