24 definition by sebastian crucial

A bro who is so good at skating that he attracts babes.
"Chris Cole gets the ladies because hes so hesh hes a heshanova!"
by sebastian crucial January 24, 2007

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Like, props but related to the skateboarding world, especially old school.
Bro1:"Holy shit, Did you just land that Boneless Frontside 180 Finger Flip?"
Bro2:"Chyeah suckah"
Bro1:"Damn bro, heshies."
by sebastian crucial January 24, 2007

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A phrase commonly used to attract a babe's attention. If yelled in inner city RVA it will make girls will turn and look like its their name.
"Matt saw some hot scene sluts after the ETID show, so he leaned out of the car window and yelled 'Yo Booty!' and got one of thier numbers"
by sebastian crucial December 05, 2006

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A bro who is really into country music.
"Brian still listens to Garth Brooks, he's such a brocephus."
by sebastian crucial December 12, 2006

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When a bro or some bros get together to volunteer for a good cause.
bro1: "Jesse is going down to help with the beach clean up crew today."
bro2: "He's all about that pro brono"
by sebastian crucial February 02, 2007

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To be wasted, usually from bud and beer.
bro1: Yo, can you drive down to the sev?
bro2: Na, dude i'm straight dished.
by sebastian crucial March 21, 2007

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Amazing band from seattle, wa. They're drug free and positive sound impressed and challenged many bands in their genre to make better, honest, and more meaningful hardcore. Thier 2004 cd Promises Kept is definitely the halmark of their sound.
bro1:"Champion is whats up, son!"
bro2:"Yeah, they are pretty legit"
by sebastian crucial December 08, 2006

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