24 definitions by sebastian crucial

Amazing band from seattle, wa. They're drug free and positive sound impressed and challenged many bands in their genre to make better, honest, and more meaningful hardcore. Thier 2004 cd Promises Kept is definitely the halmark of their sound.
bro1:"Champion is whats up, son!"
bro2:"Yeah, they are pretty legit"
by sebastian crucial December 08, 2006
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The verb from of the commonly used noun bro. Means to borrow or to give and take freely, as one bro would from another.
bro1:"Yo, dude can I bro a dollar?"
bro2:"Ye, bro!"
by sebastian crucial December 12, 2006
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To sprinkle some "shake" or yae on some "bake" or weed, roll a blunt and smoke it.
bro1:"hey man i wanna shake and bake, you got any weed?"
bro2:"yeah bro you got some shake?"
by sebastian crucial December 06, 2006
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