Short for 'shit yes!'

Which became 'shit yeah!'

When said fast it then became 'shitchyeah' and evolved to just:

Are you going to the gig tonight?
'chyeah! You bet I am!
by Chaint. October 7, 2020
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"Wanna do some blow?" "Chyeah."
by Mike Pissoff November 14, 2003
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"Chyeah" is a word that Bang Yongguk says way too often, but is still totally catchy.
*the beginning on One Shot starts playing*

Yongguk: One shot

Yongguk: Let me tell you something that you already know

Yongguk: You just get the rock to me, you know what I mean?

Yongguk: Chyeah~
by kawaii.kpop August 13, 2014
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Chyeah = Ch + Yeah. It is a verb/adjective which decribes the level of awesomeness in a story someone tells. I have submitted it to the Urban Dictionary for approval as a colloquialism
I just had 2 beers at the Tea Gardens at Bondi Junction, now sitting in the Mac Store scoring free Wifi and about to go to The Eastern across the road What about you my friend? Chyeah!
by El Hectos August 7, 2014
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How gangsta wanna-be's say "yeah" because they think they're cooler for it.
"chyeah, i don reely be knowin how to talk rite dawg"
by marmarthe2nd May 21, 2008
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Something an annoying bitch will say when she agrees to something you have said.
Dude: I'm pretty hungry
Annoying bitch: yah, me too
Dude: wanna go out to eat?
Annoying bitch: Chyeah!
by artoriousBIG April 27, 2008
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another phrase used by that person with an IQ of however many cows they can count on a milk carton...
J' dude ur flies down
kid' chyeah
J' nah man ur flies down
kid' huh...
by J April 1, 2005
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