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A beard you grow when you turn 40.
"Ever since Branson* turned 40, he's been acting strange. Take his 40 beard, for instance."
by SeanG February 05, 2007
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Female breasts. The feeling of them in your hands is indescribable.
<Brill> Oh my gosh, look at those women! Boy howdy, they are corkers!
<Jazz> Oh god DAMN, you are right! Such fine hinders, and look at them gams! And the hand candy on the one in the blue is driving me krazy!!
by SeanG June 27, 2007
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Something that's cool, copasetic, agreeable, and worthy of thanks.

Comes from a misspelling of "Okay!"
Jel: "Hey Steve, I have an idea!"
Steve: "What??"
Jel: "What do you say, for your birthday, we go to Space Camp? My treat!"
Steve: "Wow! Oaky! Thanks!"
by SeanG June 16, 2007
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equal the number twenty-four(24).
me:dude I had a metric shit-ton of cookies the other day.

some guy:how many?

by seang February 08, 2013
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