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Hmong word for boy. The most common name for a Hmong boy.
Mom: Tou, can you help me with something?

Boy: Sure.
by elmo-production September 11, 2009
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(v.) to get easily excited over everyday things; (n.) one who acts as described above
Ex. 1: 'You know he's gonna tous he sees that jar with the peanut butter and jelly already together.'
<high pitched> 'Whaaat?! Did you see this?'
'See there he goes.'
by bajasteve August 01, 2008
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To name something as funny or dumb like the other person got pwned. pronounced like you're saying two but in a high loud way
1:Dude, i got killed 78 times.

1:Hey I sold my new PSP for $25.
by DJ SKII May 15, 2010
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Tou is derived from the name Touey-Flouey..or fatty (he responds to either). His bday is comin up and his friends are throwing him a surprise party (that he knows about). he eats a lot and has a mohawk. he thinks hes emo, but hes a fat prep. lol
girl: touey flouey yer fat
tou: yes, i am.
by Lia_Tia March 11, 2005
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A verb whcih means to beat severely or the process of beating and/or completely pwning.
"We're going to tou them due to their lack of skill."

by botld92z January 22, 2006
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Tou is too cool for you....i am the female version of Tou so that makes me almost as cool. Tou rollerblades and thats hot. Me and Tou share the same birthdayy.Andrea is involved in that also. 07/06 crewww for life.Tou is awesome and is from France.
well, hello Tou. You are really cool, lets play tag.
by Sarah December 23, 2004
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