28 definitions by sal

One who slides down the male shaft as they would a fire pole.
You are my favorite poleshafter.
by Sal July 20, 2004
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an cracked out african-american male, most likely found in the downtown city streets of St. Louis. also known as "barglin ass nergon", if you see a nergon run...they may bust a cap in you.
Damn!, that nergon has a Colt 45 tall can.
by SAL May 09, 2003
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Stick hanging out of your anal cavity.
Also an insult or expletive to yell at school functions.
Let me stroke your buttstick
by Sal July 20, 2004
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Shortining of brilliant made up by Dave and Sally who are very much in love
Oh my fuking god Dave you are sooooooooo briw xxx
by Sal March 31, 2005
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term used to describe the slipper/shoe that most teenage girls enjoy wearing due to the fact that they are easy to get on and most importantly off.
I was walking down a dark alley by myself when i noticed a rather large girl wearing foot mittens and chewing tobacco.
by sal March 30, 2005
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Suffix yes, and all of that. Ness is substance, thing, stuff, etcness
I'm hot; i'm wearing 5 layers of ness
by Sal March 30, 2005
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carbonated drink, mostly used to mock younger brothers/sisters who drink a lot of fizzy cola, etc
getting off the feeezy
by sal July 08, 2003
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