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A fapman is a guy who vigorously, and frequently faps. Their dick is usually sore from excessive fapping and as a result their dick doesn't fit well with ladies. A fapman will also enjoy beastiality with passing livestock, such as pigs, if he sees one while driving when they become tired of fapping
"That guy is such a fapman"
"yeah you see that dead pig, bet you he raped it"
"yeah bet you he killed it because he didn't want it to squeal"
by Sr.Ridiculously winning October 10, 2013
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Oprah of perverts.
Gives HD porn to his homies.
That dude is the best fapman around.
Fapman help me! My internet is slow.
by Sin(ishq) /cos(ishq) June 18, 2018
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