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Japanese Domestic Market

Usually used for cars or car parts that have been imported from Japan.
Check out the JDM SR20DET engine I got for my 240sx!
by Tetsujin August 13, 2003
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1. Short for "Japanese Domestic Market." This term often means paying your left testicle for a part that you could otherwise order from kragen.
The term JDM has long been used to "one-up" a friend or acquaintance at Krispy Kreme car meets and the likes. By adding a JDM item to your "ride" you are instantly "cooler" than your friend's USDM counterpart.

2. Used to describe how JDM something is, meaning that it is generally RIGHT biased/handed. This comes from Japanese Domestic Market cars mainly having right hand drive, as opposed to their USDM counterparts which are left hand drive.
Ex 1
Takeshi: WOW! That JDM civic sure is awesome! It's right-hand drive!
Raygoku: Indeeda! It's suuuuper dorifto!

Ex 2
mike: dude, I'm so JDM I sleep on the right side of the bed
mike2: yea, well, I'm so JDM I only have a right testicle
by Moke April 14, 2006
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Stands for Japanese Domestic Market. It is for car parts. Main compaines are Honda, and Nissan. The reason for JDM is because many import cars such as Civics and Integras have been "detuned" to meet regulations in the United States. Therefore swaping a Japanese engine into an "American" Honda Civic is considered intergration to its truest form.

Many difference that many people don't know is it is seperate from the ricer street racing scene. Many races are on profession tracks. Which many enthusist race in Time Attack. JDM compared to ricers are much cleaner in their styling.
Ricer V. JDM

Ricer Mods:
4 inches no name muffler
17inches Chrome Rims
Clear Altezza Taillights
Clear Cornered Headlights
Cut Springs to lower ride

OEM exhausts ( Civics will upgrade to CTR: civic type R exhaust)
16inch JDM rims (Brands such as Volk, Rays, Spoon and etc.)
OEM headlight and taillights
Full Coilover systems

Main Difference is All JDM parts are named brand to ensure performance. Most JDM parts are more expensive because it needs to be imported to be the real deal
by I :heart: JDM October 01, 2006
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Short Form of "Japanese Domestic Market". Usually used to describe a car or car parts that are made in Japan.
That 180SX is "JDM Tyte Yo"!
by DoriSPL February 04, 2004
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Abbreviation for Japanese Domestic Market. Refers to automobiles produced and sold in Japan.
Not the same as Japanese imports (cars produced in Japan and sold here)
The Acura NSX is the Honda NSX in the JDM.

JDM motors are quick!

The JDM has way cooler cars than we can buy here.
by 8217 August 07, 2005
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Abbreviation for Japanese Domestic Market, which means parts or cars that originated in Japan that are sold in the United States. Alot of people classify their Honda's as JDM, the clean look.
Man, those amber corners on that civic hatch are mad JDM tight y0
by Chris January 17, 2005
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to spend thousands of dollars on your shitty stock car to make it look like another shitty car from .
Mondo: hey Sal I just bought these tailights for 300 dollars! Pretty cool huh!?

Sal: um whats so special?

Mondo: jdm bro!! theyre from Japan!

Sal: thats cool they look exactly the same as the ones you have on now and since you didnt get any pussy before I think thats gonna stay the same.
by hungdaddy91 February 21, 2012
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