Japanese Domestic Market

Usually used for cars or car parts that have been imported from Japan.
Check out the JDM SR20DET engine I got for my 240sx!
by Tetsujin August 13, 2003
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Short Form of "Japanese Domestic Market". Usually used to describe a car or car parts that are made in Japan.
That 180SX is "JDM Tyte Yo"!
by DoriSPL February 5, 2004
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Abbreviation for Japanese Domestic Market. Refers to automobiles produced and sold in Japan.
Not the same as Japanese imports (cars produced in Japan and sold here)
The Acura NSX is the Honda NSX in the JDM.

JDM motors are quick!

The JDM has way cooler cars than we can buy here.
by 8217 August 8, 2005
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Short for Japanese Domestic Market, particularly in reference to models of cars produced and sold solely for Japanese consumers. These vehicles often have features and/ or engines not available in other markets. As a result these models are often the envy of car enthusiasts in other countries.
Why does my Silvia have a crappy CA18 engine when the JDM models get the SR20DET?!
Just coppped these JDM Civic tail lights sent direct from Japan!

Check out this sick JDM Skyline GTR shirt I got from www.jdmglobalwarehouse.com
by LostinYokohama September 27, 2020
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Abbreviation for Japanese Domestic Market, which means parts or cars that originated in Japan that are sold in the United States. Alot of people classify their Honda's as JDM, the clean look.
Man, those amber corners on that civic hatch are mad JDM tight y0
by Chris January 17, 2005
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One of the most overused words by Ricers. If its JDM it must be automatically better. Some of the stuff in Japan may be better but it has turned into a buzzword.
RICER: OMGZZ!!! I have these new tyte JDM headlights yo! They make my car so much better!
Domestic: That's nice, I have stock headlights and spent that money on my engine.
RICER: Dood! You bought a JDM engine???
Domestic: Stupid ricer
by Grim October 15, 2005
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JDM: a clean look, a lifestyle, preferably(meaning not only) RHD. No huge spoilers and riced out tail lights. And give me a brake with the fart Cannons ???
200sx, 240sx, hatchbacks, AE86, true type-R, tegs, civics, Japanese Domestic Market (JDM)
by JDMasFck July 5, 2010
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