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This treaty promotes trade between the north american countries. Some corporations use this treaty to export costly manufacturing plants to Mexico where produciton costs are cheaper and regulation is more lax. This translates into cheaper goods for consumers and more profit for stockholders.
Joe: Nice kicks, bob
Bob: Thanks, i got them for 40 bucks.
Joe: Hey i thought those sneakers were twice the price last month!
Bob: Yeah, NAFTA really saved my ass on that one.
by Russ March 07, 2005

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Any of a sub-contingency of prinarily white suburban folks who can be found wearing flip-flops, drinking beer and watching the game all right in their car-port. The eroneous spelling is the southern diction for the word.
Savannah topped her trailor-trash status when she won Possum Queen.
by Russ May 02, 2003

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Several people on here claim this has been "shortened" to
"fo' sheazy my neazy"
In what way is that supposed to be shorter?
Fo' sheazy my neazy queezy. Shizzle nizzle fissle wizzle. Wuzzles and noozles and snuggle wuggles. I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them sam I am.
by Russ March 11, 2003

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The act of taking control of a co-worker's unlocked computer while he is away from his desk and sending out embarrassing e-mails.
"What the hell was that e-mail about you liking little boys?"
"Aww, that gomer Nishan term-jacked me when I went to the bathroom."
by Russ April 06, 2005

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slang for dirty south. places like atlanta, new orleans, houston, etc...
east and west coasts got nothing on the duddy souf
by Russ November 17, 2003

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the ultimate slurpee experience. concentrated happiness.
slubee is intense.
x-treme if you will.
by Russ August 17, 2004

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A sloth like monkey creature that's part ogre.
Look at the mustard stain on the gabzon's shirt.
by Russ April 28, 2004

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