A haircut similar to a bowl cut and usually longer at the back, which makes a person's head the shape of the end of a penis.
Nice penis cut you've got there Anthony, now go shove your head up your momma's fuzzy flounder!
by Bloopy April 10, 2005
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A penis shaped like a penis; A hair cut wear the side is cut off and the top is shaped like a dome; a penis resembling cut.
Lopez had a serious penis cut, he looked like he was gonna bust a nut on his head.
by Duble-R January 30, 2003
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A tampon that is designed to cut off the end of a guys penis. I kid you not.
It was designed in free town south africa by 72 year old Jaap Haumann. The details are on the net.Check it out.
It was designed to cut off the tip of a rapist penis and gan do the same to any other guy who is also the of a mean and spiteful woman.
Some men have vowed that if they lose part of there penis the bitch will lose part of her tit.
It has been advised before you do anything else to use a long object with the dimensons of a penis such as a carrot,pickle ect. and stick it all the way in and then pull it back out to see if it is still intact.
Feminazis are sure to bring it to the U.S.
If you know whats good for you, you better not have a penis cutting tampon.
by Deep blue 2012 February 5, 2010
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