Actually means to clean yourself in such a way to remove dead skin cells and then remoisturize the skin.

Now that the real definition is out of the way, let's do an Urban definition!

When a man is pounding a chick doggy-style near a toilet. The man grabs the chick by the hair and shoves her head into the toilet, flushing it and giving her a swirley! Now that the face is cleansed, it must be moisturized. The guy then yanks her head out of the the toilet by her dripping wet hair, pulls his dick out of her, and blows his load all over her face.
I'll exfoliate Mel Gibson, how 'bout that?
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(v) To cut the shit out of.
This new soap has shards of glass in it, so it really exfoliates.
by BubDZombie July 10, 2009
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To come out of a shell and do something different to express yourself.
From "What Women Want" (Mel Gibson and his screen daughter in bathroom, Mel in pantyhose)

Daughter: "Dad! What are you doing??"
Mel: "I'm...ah...exfoliating"
by SuperMan9856 March 14, 2004
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The getting under of the skin which a person does that causes their girlfriend or boyfriend to become an ex girlfriend of boyfriend.
"You have to give me some facts so that I can defend myself."
"No, I don't."
"Well then, good luck to you and the kids."
"Good luck to being exfoliated."
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when a man ejaculates on a woman's face, then slaps a slice of cucumber on top of the semen
This slut last night got pretty pissed off when I gave her the old exfoliator..... she thanked me later for the snack.
by KID DYNASTY July 9, 2011
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You are having sex and just before you blow your load you pull out, cum in your hand, and rub it all over her face.

other forms of the word include; exfoliation, exfoliate
by argyle pimp January 13, 2007
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