39 definition by russ

A euphemism for killing somebody. Used by gangs.

Derives from the christian practice of lighting candles at church to pray for somebody when they die.
Party host: "Get out of my house now, Ron!"

Ron: "I'm gonna call my boys from the Latin Kings and they're gonna light a candle for your ass!"

Party host: "You don't even know anybody in the Latin Kings, Ron. They wouldn't stick up for your punk ass."
by Russ December 04, 2006

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see fezzlenut
OMG! you fezzeled my eggs!
by russ May 18, 2004

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Someone who engages in homosexual male sex. Gaylord. Bum bandit.
That Dermot O'Leary is a right cross-country milk float driver.
by Russ February 18, 2005

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Phi Kappa Psi's chapter at Florida State University.
I would do absolutely anything (including another woman) to date a gentleman of Phi Psi's Florida Alpha chapter!
by Russ January 18, 2004

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to "hang out" with a group of friends
"lets go mooch"
by Russ September 14, 2003

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burnt nut; homie, bro, home boy
Lets go to ma house and eat some fezzlenuts cause im so fungry!

Yo fezzlenut lets go chill
by russ May 18, 2004

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A cat.
by Russ January 01, 2003

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