39 definition by russ

Attempting to mack on another person's significant other by talking bad about them behind their back.
If you've ever had a girlfriend/boyfriend leave you and hook up with your best friend, you can be sure some dirty macking was going on while you were dating your ex.

John: "I'll be right back guys"

Dirty Mackin' Bob: "So Cindy, did you hear how John was talking to that slut Suzy when you were out of town? He doesn't appreciate you."

Cindy, John's Girlfriend : "Don't try dirty macking on me just cause my boyfriend's not here. Aren't you supposed to be John's best friend?"

John comes back and slams dirty mackin' Bob in the face with a shovel
by Russ December 13, 2006

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Nobbing is another word for sexual relations
Dude we were nobbing all night
by Russ April 18, 2003

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Australian slang for rock, stone or pebble.
Hey John, how far can you throw that yonnie?
by Russ June 14, 2006

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While doing a girl doggystyle, poking your finger in her ass and then reaching around and swiping it across her upper lip, creating a Hitler-style shit mustache, and a screaming nazi moments later.
"What'd you do to her when you found out she cheated on you?"
"I waited until we were in bed that night, then gave her the screaming nazi and walked out."
by Russ April 06, 2005

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The act of flatulating in a cheap kiddie pool after eating bad Mexican food, and drinking cheap canned beer.
Gomez and Sanchez's Mexican Jacuzzi caused an investigation by the EPA!
by Russ May 03, 2006

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hey Marshie, dave matthews is not a jam band.
umphrey's mcgee, disco biscuits, karl denson's tiny universe
by russ May 08, 2005

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The Pavarotti is a Australian $10 note.
this comes from the word tenner because pavarotti was a tenner Get it
Dude you owe me a tenner
by Russ April 10, 2003

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