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(lim-ber tim-ber) Flaccid penis;

A person experiencing erectile dysfunction at an inoportune moment.

Unable to perform sex with vigor and vitality.
Sally finaly gave in to my advances last night and agreed to have sex with me but I was unable to perform with vigor and vitality because I had limber timber.
by rubtwostix October 18, 2011
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The feeling you get in your pants when you suddenly realize what you're doing is extremely dangerous and scary.
Guy#1:"Oh my god, dude, did you see what just happened?"

Guy#2;"Yeah bro, you totally almost fell off this building and died!"

Guy#1:"I know, right? I could tell I was close to the edge when I got tingleballs!"

Guy#2:"Do you need a hug?"

Guy#1:"Naw, just grab me another brew gayfer."
by rubtwostix January 20, 2012
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The person administering the act of anal fisting while in a bathtub or pool.
"Hey baby, lets take a bath together, I feel like dookie noodling!"

"His hands are so small I'll bet he's a dookie noodler."

"She can hold her breath so long she would make a great dookie noodler!"
by rubtwostix October 10, 2011
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During an accidentalshart, when you finally find a bathroom with ample amounts of toilet paper for the clean-up, you finish on the toilet and find turdlets floating in the mess. Not to be confused withpoopinashit.
Sometimes a poopinashart will temporarily block the flow of a shart which ends in an explosive outcome.
by rubtwostix January 24, 2012
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When after you take ahot-and-steamyor drop a log, you peer into the abyss and see that the fruits of your labor is two different colors. Not to be confused with camo-turd.
Hubby: "Hey baby, I think I need to go to the hospital!"

Wifey: "Why do you need to go to the hospital,Baby?"

Hubby(with a very concerned look on his face says): "Cause I just created apoopinashitand I haven't even ate aburritotoday!"
by rubtwostix January 24, 2012
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Visibly upset.
Frown face.
The look on a quarterbacks face when his reciever drops the ball; that's goatlipped.

I dedicate this submission to my late granny who was the only person I ever heard use the phrase "Why are you so goat lipped, sweety?"

Miss and love you granny boots!
by rubtwostix January 01, 2012
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porn; anything that gives you wood.

Any beautiful woman that is unattainable but, because she is so damn hot, gives you the material to pleasure yourself later.
Yo, Marquis!

Yo, dat girl be milkin' material, mane!

I can't wait to get home!
by rubtwostix October 16, 2011
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