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One who "noodles".
Noodling is defined as:
A. Being unable to maintain an erection while with a female and having consumed less then 7 beers.
B. Bitching out on things.
A. "Dude last night when i was with Lisa, i totally noodled. Im a complete noodler."
B "Yo is brian still coming to the concert?"
"No dude hes going to bed."
"What a fuckin noodler"
by King Heron April 29, 2007
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Pedantic know-all who never stops talking and takes every opportunity to insert themselves into any conversation regardless of social decorum at the hope of being perceived as a pundit with boundless knowledge.
"I noodled around and found that what you really mean to say xyz..." - That guy is a fucking noodler, he never shuts up.
by libationlibrarian August 26, 2004
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Someone who has taken lots of mushrooms and feels/looks like a noodle.
That mad man needs to lay off the psychedelics , well he is a noodler.
by killerkorngurl January 18, 2010
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