29 definition by rose

Asking someone how they are in ghetto slang (are you alright?)
"Y'aight?" "yea Y'aight?"
by Rose November 11, 2003

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the morbid fear of men
Casey had androphobia
by Rose October 27, 2003

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Means to have sexaul contact with someone like to get your groove on
I shhwerved him last night.
She blocked my shhwerv
by Rose July 24, 2004

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a page where most teenage girls make you sick with their exclamations
you are not your fucken xanga page
by rose January 15, 2004

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As in or of saying the term relating to the word "Oh!", as in surprise or astonishment.
Person 1: "I got a new car today!"
Person 2: "OACH!!"
by Rose March 14, 2005

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A word meaning "Cool", "Great", "Super", "So Cool". Must be used with an exclamation mark.
"I got the job"
by Rose December 28, 2004

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a hoe, a slut, a bitch
Man, dat gurl's a swaglah, me and my boys fucked ha las night.
by Rose November 18, 2004

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