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Anything to do with sexual relations: fooling around, making out, oral sex or having intercourse.
As in, "Do you want to play?"
by rose July 21, 2004

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means to give a man oral sex
slob on my knob, like corn on the cob
by Rose April 08, 2003

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1. Japanese word for snow
2. former member of malice mizer, a band in Japan full of really cool cross dressers. sometimes called a gothic band, which kind of fits it. (only former because band broke up) Yuki's classic item of clothes is his top hat
Yuki is the sexiest man on Earth! (In honor of Aja)
I love love to watch the yuki(snow) fall.
by Rose April 30, 2004

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Where blue lines stop bullets, there are four colors that disignate who you are, murals are everywhere, and no doors are nice. Better and nicer then Herndon.
Students its only safe on THIS side of the line.
by rose August 17, 2004

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sort of the opposite to bagsy. if there are two or more people present and something needs to be done fairly immediately for whatever reason, to say "not it" quickly can save a lot of hassle. the person to say "not it" last is the person bound to do the task, whatever it is.
phone rings
first person "not it"
second person "not.. goddamn"
second person answers the phone.
by rose April 19, 2005

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The best thing to come out of Norway since...ever. His quirky and melodic songs can melt anyone's frosty dispositions.
(note: he says he's 22, but my guess is he has a fake ID...)
Sondre Lerche was on TOTP last week...in my dreams.
by Rose June 28, 2004

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whats going on,whats up with you.
"hey kid whats crackalackin?"
by Rose March 14, 2003

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