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Who any true Scotsman supports at a major football tournament, Anyone But England.
C'mon ABE, let's beat these arrogant febs.
by Rory the Sheep October 10, 2009
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A supporter of Rangers Football Club.
''Look at those scummy orcs smashing up Manchester city centre.''

''The bigotry and violence of the orcs must be an escape from their miserable poverty-stricken lives.''

''That orc really reeks.''

by Rory the sheep April 13, 2009
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When you go outside after a few drinks and you turn from someone who is relatively sober to a drunken embarrassment.
"Fucking fresh-air sniper, I can't remember spitting in that officer's face on the way home"
by Rory the sheep September 24, 2009
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A pretentious idiot who ridicules people for liking popular beers.
Beer Nazi: "Hahaha you can't like Fosters, you pleb."
by Rory the sheep March 18, 2009
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Get a girlfriend.
Get off Warcraft you loser and GAG ffs.
by Rory the sheep May 08, 2009
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Cure to the swine flu that's going about.
If only those dead Mexicans had had some oinkment.
by Rory the sheep April 28, 2009
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A Nigerian Age is an age which is dubiously attributed to someone who seems older than they actually are.
"He's only 25, albeit a Nigerian 25, and so if that is his age he's still got a good few years ahead of him." Example of a Nigerian Age.
by Rory the sheep April 11, 2009
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