When a dead body is desiccated in a video game, usually associated with online multiplayer. Similar to acts such as "Tea-bagging" but usually much more violent such as decapitation,gibbing, setting afire, etc. Easiest to perform in games that allows further destruction of dead bodies, notably Gears of War.

The word refers to Oliver Cromwell, who was decapitated by the British monarchy two years after his death.
N00B_Pwnz3r shouted, "Cromwell!" and promptly proceeded to gib the dead body of a noob with his shotgun.
by DEFINE ME NOW March 2, 2009
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The act of sucking a horse's cock on a sunday morning before a religious activity in order to get drunk by pouring alcohol on the horse's penis. This is not to fulfill a sexual desire and should be used for discretion.
Dude! Ellen pulled a Cromwell yesterday before she came to the synagogue. She was wasted!
by 6HyungPaqq9 June 13, 2010
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Vicious bastard who was the reason thousands of innocent men, women and children were killed in Ireland.
It's a shame Cromwell was just a corpse when they mutilated him.
by ThisIsntWeed November 4, 2020
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A small drama filled hick ass town in Connecticut. Where doing drugs, getting drunk , and sexual activity every day is completly normal. Pretty much everyone from Cromwell is going no where with there lives, expect major prostitution and slutty mooching off old guys behavior for females and some males. Everyone from Cromwell are losers.
Loser: Hey I'm from Cromwell Im bout to get drunk and fuck my best friends boyfriend and my sister tonight.
Normal Person: Get a fucking life.
by Sar3456 April 24, 2011
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The shittiest town in America. a littel hick-ass town in connecticut full of losers and hippies. anyone from cromwell is a fucking loser and should be beaten up. they all smoke drugs and fuck their siblings.
Hick/Hippie loser: I'm from cromwell!

Normal person: You're a fucking loser.
by cromwell fucking blows May 22, 2007
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A man of honour. His favourite pastime is planting croms i mean crops in his back garden in the city of Ennistymon. Ask him for relationship advice and he’ll whack you on the head with a hurley. By his close friends he is known as Crom and by some ;) he is known as Gobshite with a red heart. His natural habitat is on the couch, stroking his pet farrellian cat. He spends most of his days online so it is very easy to reach him and talk to him about the Gonza species of rabbits.
Literally No One:
Cromwell: *strokes his farrellian cat*
by gamer girl 69 May 26, 2019
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a teacher that gives you 4 months worth of work in 5 days for the next class each week, he also happens to be gay as shit and has a very sweaty back that happens to smell all around the room.
Man, Mr.Daniels is an absolute Cromwell!
by bigdaddyrah August 8, 2017
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