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Patrick: is mayonnaise an instrument

Squidward: no Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument
by Bathing Grape August 14, 2018
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1) An egg-based stable liquid-mixture commonly spread on sandwiches and used as salad dressing or a binding agent in cooking.

2) Semen.

3) Boring, whiter than white. Used by Caucasians to refer to other Caucasians who shun their ethnic heritage in favor of a more yuppie lifestyle. Originally used by Italian Americans from the Mid-Atlantic states, it has gained more use due to its reference in the popular HBO show, The Sopranos.
1) "Can I have mayonnaise on my sandwich instead of mustard?"

2) "That asshole jacked off while I was out last night and got his nasty mayonnaise all over my favorite sheets."

3) "Ever since Angelo started dating that girl, he's become so mayonnaise. All he talks about now is joining a country club and buying a house in the suburbs. What gives?"
by Mint Z November 02, 2008
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It has many humurous meanings.
-- Semen
-- Black Mans Kryptonite
-- Stuff that goes on your ham sandwich
-- What white boys think is cool.
-- Yo man, i covered that hoe in mayonnaise.
-- Yo foo', i cant eat that whack mayonnaise shit.
-- Check out the white liquid on that there ham suckaz.
-- Hey man, check out my hardcore mayonnaise.
by Mayonnaise Tastes Like Purple November 29, 2004
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Mayonnaise is the best condiment. Mayo beats out Mustard by a fat mile.
"Ayy bro want some mustard?"
"Hell nahh, I don't want toilet juice. Give me some of that Mayonnaise. You know that sweet life cream?"
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by Larks D November 02, 2018
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