Patrick: is mayonnaise an instrument

Squidward: no Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument
by Bathing Grape August 14, 2018
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Tf you looking up mayonnaise for? Have you really never heard of mayonnaise
Mayonnaise is not a fruit
by POOR AUTISMO January 24, 2019
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It has many humurous meanings.
-- Semen
-- Black Mans Kryptonite
-- Stuff that goes on your ham sandwich
-- What white boys think is cool.
-- Yo man, i covered that hoe in mayonnaise.
-- Yo foo', i cant eat that whack mayonnaise shit.
-- Check out the white liquid on that there ham suckaz.
-- Hey man, check out my hardcore mayonnaise.
by Mayonnaise Tastes Like Purple November 29, 2004
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Something or someone who is plain and boring. Sometimes used to describe caucasian people or heterosexual people.

See also: vanilla
Sara is such a mayonnaise name.”
by Healing Smile January 01, 2019
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Mayonnaise.. usually white and put on a sandwich. Or other foods. IT also has a redneck definition..
Mayonnaise a lot of people here tonight....
by Grumpy Granny December 20, 2016
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