something that people use when trying to imitate Irish people, but they look/sound like an eejit as nobody in Ireland uses it...
by Cully April 1, 2003
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The state of being more than simply "for sure." Invented in Calgary, the saying is used as a reply to a question when someone is certain about something; when they are 100% positive about it.
"Hey are you going to Ashley's party tonight?"
"I'll be there, for sure for sure!"

"Are you sure that's the correct answer?"
"For sure for sure"
by crazy serbian weasel September 28, 2012
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When you want to confirm/accept something with undisclosed sarcasm.
Oscar: Yo, we should go to the gym!
Sid: Oh yeah! For sure, for sure!
by CouncilOfMen December 20, 2022
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when you are just saying sure so that the other person hangs up
yes sir sure sure sure!
by o777 May 12, 2018
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A term used by someone to sarcastically disagree with another parties claim.
Guy1: I just dropped a 20 bomb
Guy2: Sure Sure
Guy1: Even ask my dad, oh wait I forgot to mention jazza the champasaurus has a massive cock
by Nose long like garden hose February 16, 2019
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Basically mean Okay. I get it. STFU.
Also, used as "whatever" at teachers or boring conversations.
Math teacher: Anyone got it?
Kid: Sure, sure. *Got back to desk, Listens to iPod, forgetting the work*

Girlfriend: ZOMG! Did you just saw him with her? I cannot believe his with her already just right after our broke up! Blablablblablblaaa
Me: Sure, sure.
Girlfriend: Are. You. Even. Listening.
Me: ...

Boy: I love you.
Girl: Sure, sure.
by PandaPedo October 22, 2010
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Someone that cannot live being fullfilled only with their own accomplishments and triumphs to the point that they force thier idea of success on you when In reality they are jelous of how easy you find life and try anything to gain company in their misery of mediocrity and sheepish confirmity.
Person 1: Why dont you grow up and buy a house. And have a family
Person 2: Sure
Person 1: Or live with girls and get action whenever you want
Person 1: Or get a better job with your degree and make tons of money
Person 2: Sure
Person 1: Why dont you?
Person 2: Sure sure. I will. I have my own plans.
by krzy8ts May 6, 2022
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