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An act of extreme foolishness, superiority or arrogance, performed by someone who is an asshole. This definition is specifically useful in the when alluding to the individual, or, thanks to its propensity for subtlety, in the interest of personal entertainment, as seen in the example below.
"You put the dick in ridickulous."

"My boss just made a completely ridickulous request. It goes to the bottom of the pile."
by SlicKitty May 15, 2005
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When a mans penis is soo big its considered Ridickulous .The size must be so large it causes you to stutter and your mind to go blank and alls you can do is let him take you down with it .Size is not the only component in order to have ridickulous penis the man must know how to work it so good that it causes brief moments of hallucination ,random utterances ,possible moments of unconsiousness and the temporary ability to lose the ability to speak .Side affects are not faked .One should exert caution when coming into contact with a ridickulous object may cause instant levels of gratifacation mixed with pain can also cause drama unattended and a collaberation of feelings .This word is originated from London
London came home from the Club & after a long night of dancing and grindn on her man he went to lay her down .Once he exposed his self the only thought was that is ridicklous .Instant fear of the ability to handle his size set in with a general over all curiosity .Once sexual intercourse began the ability to speak or move proerly set in his penis was so large it went past her belly button and up in her guts hence the word ridickulous .
if a man leaves you feeling ridickulous simply look at him and shake your head and say ridickulous .
by London7272 July 10, 2009
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The act of being a deliberate asshole to engage others in laughter at someone else's expense.
Jeff tried to copy off Logan on a test and Logan intentionally put down all the wrong answers. It was ridickulous!
by Kman63 December 19, 2013
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