The greatest radio show ever, after about 10pm, you can call in with problems, 95% sexual, high-school to adults, with all sorts of problems and issues. Hosted by Adam Carrola (spelling?) and Dr. Drew, see man-show..
by Anonymous June 27, 2003
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Loveline is by the BESTDAM radio talk show around, coast to coast. Loveline could only exist with hosts Adam Corola and Dr.Drew
An kickass radio talk show that contains halarious coments by Adam and the neverending wisdom of Dr.Drew
by Fan in Iraq(USA) January 8, 2004
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Radio Show that gives advice on love and such things like that. Hosts: Adam Corola and Dr. drew.
Did you hear Michelle on Loveline last night?
by Liso June 21, 2003
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A nationwide radio show formerly broadcast on MTV, beginning around 10 PM. It is hosted by Dr. Drew and Stryker, who replaced Adam Corolla when he left the show. Loveline also often has guests on the show, usually bands.

Listeners, from highschoolers to adults, phone in with queries for Dr.Drew regaurding their sex lives or issues with addiction, as he is an authority on both.

Loveline also has a myspace page
In the greater ST. Louis area, Loveline is aired on 105.7 KPNT (the Point).
by clokwerk August 28, 2007
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A show that has Dr. Drew and Adam on it. It used to be on MTV and is on KROQ 106.7(LA Radio station) at 10 on Weekdays.
by CaTTeRz03 June 27, 2003
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an awsome radio show I listen to when I go to bed.
Loveline is on 96.1 or 102.1 at 10 O'Clock in Virginia.
by AASman February 8, 2005
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best radio show on the face of this earth, in michigan its on 97.1 from sunday to thrusday with hosts adam carolla and dr drew
i listen to loveline everynight i can
by rhcpgod August 14, 2003
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