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Riding on the end of my rod is the Hot Rod to Heaven
"I'm sorry, Seth", pleaded Peter.
"I wasn't going to groom your GF, until she told me "I've got an E ticket to ride the Hot Rod to Heaven
by rankstorn August 1, 2013
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describes the inability to avoid auctions and their accompanying behaviors. Auctionitis may be benign, where one may find an item which is necessary is cheapest at auction, or, acute where in combination with shopaholicism the sufferer experiences a painful, penniless, clutter-world where Oprah would be unwelcomed.
Please, extend my credit line so I can bid on that pair of Ferragamo boots, my auctionitis is acting up.
by rankstorn February 25, 2014
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pheromones transmit information that affect persons.

pheronemonic is to deja vu

As bacon is to olfactory.
" I don't what attracted me to him" remarked Ann.

"Perhaps his pits excreted something pheronemonic, you were unable to recognize", offered Dr. Owfulll.
by rankstorn February 28, 2013
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Expected event fails to repeat
The comet did not appear. So sometime this period it may have impacted another body in it s path. This year's sighting was a.
by rankstorn May 13, 2013
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n., ejaculate.
v., to ejaculate
Noun; Her blindness was only temporary, caused from overcasting my dick puke.

Verb; I rather my mate squeeze feathers before I dick puke.
by rankstorn September 6, 2013
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Effecting change with quickness and zeal.
With zealocity, they covered the police station walls with illegible scrawls
by rankstorn March 1, 2013
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