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A clear warning sign that you are in a sketchy neighborhood or very near one.
"Hey, I think I see a Church's Chicken up at that corner. Better turn around."
by pwumavs March 18, 2006

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An excuse for girls to look like sluts and feel "powerful." Girls who wear miniskirts usually do so in hot weather, where they can pretend they are like some Californian on the beach from the OC, with their Prada handbags, giant sunglasses, and cell phones that they can't stop blathering into.

They're not always looking to get looks from guys, though that's often their reason. The important thing is that wearing a miniskirt makes a girl feel powerful and feminine. In a way, they're asserting their status as a diva, even if they're not even close to being one. Wearing a miniskirt symbolizes everything that a woman needs to justify being a bitch or femme fatale, personalities championed by the feminist movement as icons of womanly power.

Miniskirts, or skirts, for that matter, are some of the last frontiers that women have to openly distinguish themselves from men. It is a freedom of clothing choice that is allowed to them that many feminists might see as revenge against historical oppression by men over feminine clothing styles...
...well I say fuck the feminists. Men should have the choice to wear a skirt or a miniskirt without any feminine stigma attached to it. Just as women were finally able to wear traditionally mens' clothing such as trousers by the mid-twentieth century, men should be allowed to have the same freedom of choice in fashion as women. Let's not even begin to mention the other things in American/Western society that are unequal between men and women favoring women.
by pwumavs October 03, 2006

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Canadian for restroom.
American: "Excuse me, sir, where is the restroom?"
Canadian: "The washroom is over there at the end of the hall by the elevators."
by pwumavs March 23, 2008

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1. (Spanish): the color black.

2. a now often-derogatory word for a person of black African descent.
1. El cielo de la noche es negro. (The night sky is black.)

2. D'Antuan Robinson: Yo, Tawneshia. You know how dems white folks always use' to call us Negros?

Tawneshia Jacobs: Yeah, I know what you sayin'. What about it?

DR: Well, 'Negro' was actually a Spanish word oridge'ly, you know what I be sayin'?

TJ: Hells no, nigga, you serious?!

DR: Yeah g'rl, I swear. I'm not pulling yo' chains o' anything like dat.

TJ: Hmm! Learn somethin' new everyday, huh.
by pwumavs January 27, 2007

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A word used to describe an electronic device (such as a notebook computer, MP3 player, or cell phone) that is prone to attracting visible fingerprints. Most often, these devices have shiny or glossy reflective surfaces designed solely for aesthetic or trendy appeal. Not only do these surfaces easily fingerprint, but they are also prone to excessive visible scratching.
The iPod is a classic fingerprint magnet.
by pwumavs March 01, 2008

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A gourmet supermarket chain originating in Austin, Texas and owned by H.E.B. supermarkets of San Antonio. All 7 locations are in Texas.

Locations exist in the four major metropolitan regions of the state—Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. The number of locations in each of the metro areas is 4, 1, 1, and 1 respectively. This is ironic, as H.E.B. does not have and never has had any of their regular supermarket locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area while having a large presence in the other three regions. However, this may be due to the very competitive nature of Dallas/Fort Worth's grocery business environment.

The Central Market concept has been very successful and well-received since its inception. One is hard-pressed to find an equivalent in other U.S. states in terms of store size, gourmet/world product selection, price competitiveness, and customer traffic. The store is viewed by both the company and its customers as a destination supermarket, much like IKEA is viewed as a destination furniture store or The Home Depot's EXPO Design Center is viewed as a destination home interiors store.

All Central Market locations feature "Cafe on the Run," a fast-gourmet eatery catering to both shoppers and non-shoppers alike. Special events also occur at the markets weekly or monthly. Some locations have live music, an upstairs lounge, and other amenities.
I went to Central Market yesterday to pick up some Fenilla olives and garbonzola cheese.
by pwumavs March 23, 2008

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A fast food restaurant that prides itself on its square hamburger patties and its use of fresher, higher-quality ingredients than McDonald's or Burger King.
Wendy makes some awesome chicken sandwiches, and her chili is second to none. But her hamburgers don't appeal to me. I can find much better burgers elsewhere, such as the Hungr-Buster at Dairy Queen, the Whopper at Burger King, or the Jumbo Jack at Jack In The Box. All of those burgers are larger, meatier, and have better buns than Wendy's burgers, and they come without cheese to begin with.
by pwumavs March 19, 2006

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